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Lapis Lazuli, Afghanistan

  • AAA Quality (Sphere, Egg, FreeForm, Tumble, Palm Stone)
  • AA Quality (Sphere, FreeForm, Tumble)
  • Cabochon
  • FreeForm Bracelet
  • Round Bracelet

Shah Maghsood, Afghanistan

  • Sphere, Egg, FreeForm, Tumble, Faceted Freeform, Palm Stone, Points, Flame, Towers

Lepidolite, Afghanistan

  • Sphere, Egg, FreeForm, Palm Stone, Points, Flame

Amazonite, Afghanistan

  • Sphere, Egg, FreeForm, Palm Stone, Points, Flame

Caribbean Blue Calcite

  • Sphere, Lingam, Palm Stone, Tower

Pistachio Green Calcite

  • Sphere, Lingam, Palm Stone

Uruguayan Amethyst

  • AAA Quality Purple ( Clusters, Polished Cut base, Natural Cut Base)
  • Special Metal Base pieces
  • Special Wood Base pieces
  • AAA Qualuity Black (Clusters, Polished Cut base)
  • Stalactite Eye Amethyst
  • Stalactite Eye Flower Slices
  • Amethyst Heart
  • Amethyst Spheres

Amethyst Brazil

  • Small and Medium Elestial Amethyst Points
  • Long and Extra Long Elestial Amethyst Points

Crystal Quartz ( Brazil)

  • Lemurian Quartz
  • Natural Phantom Quartz
  • Natural Singing Laser Quartz
  • Clear Quartz Cluster
  • Polished Clear Quartz Generator
  • Polished Smokey Quartz Generator
  • Smokey Quartz Lemurian Roots
  • Tangerin Quartz Clusters


  • Polished Super7 Towers
  • Natural Super7 Points


  • Natural Citrine Points
  • Natural Polished Citrine Towers (Small)

Amethyst Veracruz

  • Veracruz Amethyst Clusters
  • Veracruz Amethyst Points



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